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Update on our move

June 1, 2022 --  As most of you know, Agapé Marysville will be moving out of our present location on Chestnut Street at the end of June. As the Marysville school district takes back occupancy of the building on July 1, the Hope Center and Agapé have had to find new homes.  We are completely trusting the Lord in this process! Here are some dates and other information you will find helpful.

For the immediate future, our administrative offices will be located at 123 N. Court Street in Marysville beginning around July 1. The Hope Center purchased this building a couple months ago and is allowing us to rent space for our pastors and admin team until we find a permanent location.

Our last worship celebration on Chestnut Street will be June 12. We are planning a special time of remembering God’s faithfulness in our past and praising him for our future. We would love to have everyone there!

Beginning June 13, we would ask you to be available as we need all hands on deck to pack up our belongings. We will be packing and moving things to Court Street, the high school, or storage. We’ll be at it every day till the end of the month so please use some of your free time to help!

From June 19 through July 31, our focus will shift to gathering in our small groups for weekly worship and fellowship together. There will be weeks when we will schedule 3 groups to meet together in order to keep fellowship with the larger Agapé family going! (Specific details to come soon.) 
One note: on July 10, we have reserved Partners Park at 6th and Main Streets for the whole church to worship together (10am). 

If you are not in a small group yet, it is vital that you join one. Click the Small Groups tab and contact any of the leaders for information on their group. Try out several till you find the one that’s right for you!

August 7 is our church day retreat. We are still in the process of confirming plans fbut it will include an all-church worship celebration that Sunday for everyone to attend. 


Beginning August 14, we will start meeting weekly at 10am for worship celebrations at the Marysville High School Commons, 800 Amrine, Door H (by the tennis courts).  

Please continue to pray for a permanent home for Agapé and the Hope Center! We have no doubt that all that’s transpired so far is going to work out for our good and God’s glory. We ask for prayer for the leadership team to know and hear God’s direction and His wisdom.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

God bless you,

Gene Miller
Senior Elder/Pastor